New Diabetic Products from Hungary

The new diabetic rolls and bread, developed and patented by the Cereal Research Institute, Szeged, and Diabettrade Ltd., are made exclusively of natural ingredients, contain white and wholemeal flours, are tasteful, and can be consumed continuously with a good, healthy appetite. Altogether four products: rolls and loafs, white or wholemeal (wheat/rye). Their action is superior to the products known by now. Consuming the same amount of carbohydrates in our diet bakery products will result in 40 % lower blood sugar load over 3 hours than in the standard products used to set a diet.

Packaging units: 6 rolls/package (324 g), one loaf/package (500 g)

Any solid or liquid food, consumed together with our bread, will be absorbed only partially, which explains the weight-loss effect, another essential action of our products. Reduced absorption acts not only on carbohydrates, so that lowering the cholesterol level can also be achieved.

Those wishing to lose weight should eat some of our diabetic rolls or bread with every meal. Diabetics should arrange their daily carbohydrate intake so that they can have diabetic bread or rolls with every meal. Both actions of the products are effective only if our bread or rolls are a stable part of the daily diet and plenty of liquids are consumed.

With a natural diet, one can get rid of 8 to 10 kilograms in a month, after which a weight balance will be achieved.


Special flours (white, wheat-rye) in 25 kg bags for bakeries, and in 1 kg sachets for home bread-making machines.

Special flour for patisserie and pastries: 25 kg and 1 kg units.

Five kinds of dry pasta (spagetti, spindle, wide noodle, farfal, frilled square) in 200 g units.

Main features of our products:

 carbohydrate content reduced by 30 % minimum compared to standard products, further, novel absorption inhibitory effect, manufactured of natural ingredients without preservatives. The pre-packaged rolls and loafs have a shelf life of 4 days. Our wholemeal products are rich in dietary fibres.

The production technology for our bakery products is ready, can be transferred together with instructing the workers. Purchase of the packaging material can be arranged.

We seek manufacturers and distributors, interested in the entire system, in order to spread our patented products.

The inventors are ready to answer your questions.

Home page: www.diabettrade.hu

Email: info@diabettrade.hu