Home Baked Bread

How to use bread machine for baking diabetic bread using DIABET-MIX flour

Any type of DIABET-MIX flour can be used for baking bread in a bread machine. In particular, the bread machines HAUSER BM-820 can be recommended for this purpose. For further information see the bread machine web site: www.hauserelectronic.hu

The following types of DIABET-MIX flour are available (packing: 1000 g each)

DIABET-MIX diabetic white bread flour
DIABET-MIX diabetic whole wheat-rye flour

Recipe for the bread machine:
Dissolve 8 g yeast in a little lukewarm water. Add some more lukewarm water to make 500 ml and add to the bread machine. Add one tablespoon oil to the yeast-water mixture, and start the computer assisted program. When the mixing blades start to stir, add 500 g DIABET-MIX flour to the yeast-water mixture. Close down the cover. When the kneading program is finished, open the cover and place dough in central position. Let dough rise. When the rising phase is finished, take a fork, dip in water and prick the top of loaf 3-4 times. Brush the surface of dough with water (use a pastry-brush or a greasing feather). Close the cover and do not open it during the further work phases. Bake and keep warm the bread. Put on your heat resistant gloves and take the baking pan out of the bread machine. Turn the bread on wooden or metal racks and let it cool.
Setting of the bread machine: Kneading 30 minutes, rising one and a half hour, keeping warm one hour. The result of keeping the above schedule is an evenly baked loaf of bread with nice thick crust.
Computer programming of the bread machine HAUSE BM-820: Press the program key several times, until the cursor stands on individual setting. Press cycle key and go to work phase 1. You can set the time by the time key. Press cycle key again, to step forward in the program.
Setting data: Preheat/off, knead/30, rise 1/1:30, rise 2/off, rise 3/off, bake/1:00, keep warm/1:00. Press the start key, and the program will be stored. The display shows 3:00, because the keeping warm phase is not indicated. However, diabetic bread has to be kept warm in the machine, so the total time is 4:00 hours. Baking starts by pressing the start key.
There you go! Bread baking at home is an easy job. Enjoy your delicious home baked diabetic bread!